rencontre femme orange It’s early Monday morning and it’s raining in Manchester, no surprise there. What also shouldn’t surprise you is that Manchester artist Samurai has released another new video “nights in the T” and the initial response like many of his other releases is looking promising (at the time of writing this it’s at 8k in less than 6hours). opzioni binarie ricarica con paypal Whilst it might have gone unnoticed by many in Manchester, Samurai and his Block Empire imprint have cultivated a strong and loyal fan base that to date have helped him amass over 1 Million YouTube views on all of his videos released over the last 12 months. This is a huge deal not only because he is not from London but also because whilst most Manchester artists have generally looked to support from the Birmingham platforms JDZ Media (the channel that initially helped Bugzy Malone) and P110, Samurai’s buzz was largely developed through a relatively unknown channel at the time called SVMI Visuals. Simply type “Samurai” into YouTube now and you are immediately presented with a host of videos like “Four” or his Black Box freestyle both of which add up to over a quarter of a million views (278k to be a exact). Add that to the numerous music videos, freestyles or even the popular interview that he did for us with Aitch and Robbahollow and it’s clear to see that Samurai is evidently generating an interest that many upcoming London artists would love to covet.

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rencontre lsa Another reason Samurai represents a seismic shift in the perception of Manchester grime is because he identifies as being fully relatable and up until very recently quite accessible. Where Bugzy Malone’s public feud with Chip catapulted him to the top very quickly, Samurai’s rise has been much more of a steady hike which has seen him endear himself to fans across Manchester and beyond. Add that to his popular “four” references which represents M40 and he has created a movement that people can identify with as being organic in every sense of the word. We have it on good authority that Samurai has much more coming which we will reveal in due time. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that you get ready for the storm that Samurai represents which is fully intending to insert itself into our culture and take a seat at the table. Check the latest entry into the Samurai story “nights in the T” above.

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